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Review - Ford v Ferrari

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Christian Bale and Matt Damon star in James Mangold's crowd-pleasing action-drama based on the true story.

Ford v Ferrari is, without a single doubt, one of the most entertaining films from 2019. The fast-paced editing, energetic performances, amusing characters and witty dialogue all result in an insanely fun movie that anyone should be able to enjoy.

To kick it off, the performances delivered by the two main stars are great. They're not mind-blowing, but it's clear that both Damon and Bale are having a great time with the roles. It is present that they are thoroughly enjoying acting in the film.

Another great thing about this movie is the editing, mainly in regards to how the car scenes and races are put together. It is very quickly paced and just a whole lot of fun. Usually, the quick cuts would feel jarring and confusing (Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?), but here they feel necessary due to the scenes in which they are present in, the race scenes. It really adds to the feel of the film and really helps out the pacing in many scenes.

The script is also, again, really entertaining, specifically the dialogue. The characters that are presented are all very entertaining to watch on screen, and the again fast-paced nature of the words that they are saying makes the whole movie a whole lot of fun.

Some of the characters in the film didn't seem necessary to the overall plot, however, and at times made the movie feel far to long. Other characters seemed clichéd and gave the film a bit of a predictable feel to it.

Besides those small issues, Ford v Ferrari is a fun time and an easy recommendation from all of us here at The CinemaScope.


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