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Quickie - Moonrise Kingdom

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It’s been a well-known fact for quite some time now that Wes Anderson is one of the greatest filmmakers working today (which is odd, seeing as he never went to film school). Today, we will quickly discuss one of his most well-known and acclaimed films, the infamous Moonsrise Kingdom.

Starring child-actors Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, this fantastic film tells the tale of two children who fall in love and embark on a dangerous adventure to free themselves from the overbearing adults that run their lives.

Starting off with the one of the film’s seemingly infinite strengths, lets discuss the cinematography. From the very opening shot, anyone who is even remotely familiar with Wes Anderson or his work can tell that this is one of his films. In signature Anderson style, the colors pop out of the screen, and every shot is choreographed to absolute precision. Along with this comes Anderson’s signature symmetry, which adds to the overall beauty of Moonsrise Kingdom's visuals. When you put the brilliant minds of genius cinematographer Robert Yeoman and a filmmaker like Anderson together, you get a film that looks truly special.

Next up, lets talk about another thing that Wes' films are known for: the screenplays. As per usual, Anderson has teamed up with other filmmakers (in this case, Roman Coppola) to deliver yet again some of the best dialogue put to film this century. But, above all else, the reason Anderson’s scripts stand out is because of how unique they are. There have been many attempts by other aspiring filmmakers to replicate his dialogue, but they have all failed miserably. Simply put, no one writes like Anderson.

What about the actors, who are delivering these lines? Well, like what we’ve discussed before, it’s just more of Anderson’s signature style: characters only speak when they are on camera, and in hollow tones, leaving the dialogue and facial expressions to tell the audience how characters are feeling. It’s also just plain-great acting, especially from leading cast members such as Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.

Something to add about Moonrise Kingdom is just how fun it is to watch. It tells a whimsical tale filled with adventure, romance, and even some fantastical events to bring it all together. It is a truly re-watchable film that will never get old.

All in all, Moonrise Kingdom is a unique movie that marks the point in which Wes Anderson perfected his style of fimmaking, and is definitely worth purchasing.


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