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Our Rating System

Here at The CinemaScope, it has come to our attention our rating system has not been properly explained, causing a sense of confusion in both our writing team and our readers. This post’s purpose is to explain the system we use to rank and rate the films we review, and hopefully clear up some of the confusion regarding our website.

F - Horrible, disgusting, and terrible in every single way. An F film is the opposite of what movie should be.

Numerical equivalent: 1/10

D- & D - A slight improvement from F, but still a complete piece of garbage. D- and D tier films are almost completely unwatchable.

Numerical equivalent: 2/10

D+ - Again, there is a rise in quality in comparison to the past tiers, but still far from a good film. D+ tier films are more mediocre than straight junk, but still pretty awful films when compared to other movies.

Numerical equivalent: 3/10

C- - A significant improvement over the tiers that came before. While still below average, C- type films are a lot less offensive in terms of how horrible the film is. These films are just “bad” as opposed to “awful”.

Numerical equivalent: 4/10

C & C+ - The average film. C & C+ level movies are equally good and equally bad, usually causing the films to be rather boring. Even so, the improvement here is noticeable when compared to the films on the lower tiers.

Numerical equivalent: 5/10

B- - For the first time, we are seeing films that are above average. These rather mediocre yet still watchable films offer what is probably the greatest jump in quality we have seen yet- where C &

C+ level films were quite boring, B- tier movies offer much higher re-watchability and quality in almost every aspect.

Numerical equivalent: 6/10

B & B+ - The tier of “good” films. Highly re-watchable, well acted and entertaining, these films are no longer just “passable” or “acceptable”- they are worth watching.

Numerical equivalent: 7/10

A- - Written down in my notes, I have listed A- level films as “pretty damn great,” and it’s true. These films are very fun to watch, usually well-written, and almost always well directed. Not only are these worth watching, they are worth buying for full price.

Numerical equivalent: 8/10

A - Now we enter the territory of films that are amazing. Not flawless, but supremely high in quality. These are the types of films expected from directors such as Wes Anderson and Tarantino, and are held at very high regard.

Numerical equivalent: 9/10

A+ - The masterpiece territory. The A+ films are perfect, flawless, and simply stupendous. Good examples of these include The Godfather and 2001: A Space Odyssey: films that not only complete the checklist of what a good movie requires- they perfect it.

Numerical equivalent: 10/10


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