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Special announcement! We here at The CinemaScope are starting a new series of film reviews: QUICKIES. Quickies are short movie reviews that don't go into much detail on the film's content, but cut right to the important stuff: should you, the viewer, pay to watch the movie in question? Our full list of current film reviews consist of the following: - Full reviews (titled "review") - Quickies (titled "quickie")

- A series of quickies in one post (tiled based on however many quickies there are in the post)

We have already put out four quickies, three of which have been all put together in the same post.

It is most likely that only films with scores below B- will get quickies. Films of that score or above probably will not get quickies, as they deserve their own full length reviews and are "above average".

Remember to keep it here at The CinemaScope!

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